Bienvenidos a Mi Mundo! My name is Megan and my daytime job is Medication Use Quality Manager and mind shaper of future pharmacists.  I’m a problem solving, decision making, left brain leader by day and simmering right brain artist with crafting ideas waiting to spill over at almost all other times.  At home I am mother of 7 hens ( Bella, Amelia Earhart, Touille, Swin, Scuttle, Harriet Tubman and Betsy Ross. RIP: Buffy, Goldie, Roxie, Lilihen and Frankie), a 3-4 hive apiary (Carolinian and Italians residents) and a one-eyed rescue dog (Mason McTruong, aka Mr. Peebody aka Barky McPhearson). My husband is wonderful, supportive and getting in with lingo, periodically dropping terms like ‘fat quarters’. He fears no trip to Michaels and makes urgent and immediate stops at quilt and antique stores – no questions asked.  Sometimes I can even get him to do some of the mundane tasks like fluffing tissue poms. :)

Every day I aim to learn something new, which invariably happens, given the wonderful people I have in my life: friends, family, co-workers, news anchors, cycle/yoga teachers and strangers (ok, some of them). My goal of blogging is a three legged stool. 1) learn and explore myself and the world around 2) entertain and (maybe) enlighten those around me and 3) experiment within this series of tubes, called the internets. Obviously, it is totally voluntary for all parties, but I hope people enjoy sharing in aliquots of my life . Staying true to myself  – I plan to focus on my hobbies (crafting, quilting, reading, beekeeping, Pinterest), my family, my professional life (but not very much) and of course, the random stuff that happens to me.  Topic potluck, but that is who I am.   Have something you would like to hear from me? Speak up.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for stopping by…much appreciated!

  2. Hi Megan,
    can I repost your article about naming your chicks, as I think it’s a lovely piece and would sit well on my blog (and hopefully give you more viewings too)


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