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Ode to a Very Good Hen

This week we said goodbye to Lilihen, named after our top niece. Our most reliable layer, year after year.  A Leg-horn mulato, queen of the roost, who quietly lead by example, maintained pecking order and was resilient beyond belief. Lilihen survived two encounters with our dog, lead the flock to safety from a hawk attack,  cheated apparent (but unclear reason) death with the aid of yogurt,  and defied chicken shaming.  Lilihen laid our very first urban egg, Eggbert, in 2009, and taught us a alternate meaning for chicken pot pie.  Lilihen was preceded in death by Goldie (one of the original three amigas), Buffy and Frankie and is survived by Bella (the remaining hen of The Original Amigas), Roxy, Betsy Ross and Harriet Tubman.

While her chicken antics and giant white eggs will be missed, she has left very big chicken feet for two new hens.