Get it from yourself, Experiment & Make one mistake by noon

I aim to learn something new every day and make at least one mistake by noon – otherwise I am not working, living, improving. Just some advice I regularly dole out that applies well to professional as well as personal life. It’s pretty hard to avoid if you are out there doing and being. I […]

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Daytime Strip Tease: An Alluring Name for a Simple Quilt


The following is a really simple, dynamic and adaptable quilt tutorial. Based on the idea often coined the Jelly Roll 1600, named because it is takes one Jelly Roll or 40 strips (2.5 x 40 inches each) measuring, you guessed it, 1600 inches (finishing at 48 x 64). For this version, I used 3 inch […]

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Chicks – The Awkward Period or My life in Chicken Years

The Awkward Period, but hey, we have all been there….. some of us more than others, some may never leave (but that begs other issues.) Watching my little hens grow up, rapidly, made me reflect on my own growing up, in particular the awkward times of days gone by and yet to come. I must […]

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It’s Feeding Time at The Apiary – Sugar Syrup


“They could eat all they wanted, for maple sugar never hurt anybody.” Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods I don’t think Buddy the Elf could agree more either, but there is controversy out there about feeding your bees to help them get up and going in the spring time and set up […]

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