On Bent Pins and Dull Needles – Basic sewing machine etiquette

If I had to choose an honorable Indian princess craft name, it would be either Sews-Over-Pins or Sews-with-Dull Needle. Today I am going with the latter, as it relates to the frustration I am currently having with my machine and myself– it just seems wussy and skips stitches. During recent sewing binges, I have had […]

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The Bee People: Chapters 10 & 11

Chapter 10: Miss Apis and Her Sisters Laden with pollen and nectar, Miss starts homeward. People used to think she flew in a straight line to the hive and so they called the shortest distance from one place to another in a “bee line”. But she does not fly in a straight line, – far […]

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Grilled Summer Salad with Basil, Pepitas, Pickled Fennel and Cojita


Nothing pairs better with summer and grilled meat, especially pork, than fruit. For this summer salad, we grilled up nectarines and plums, but you can do pineapples, peaches, mangos, apricots etc. Produce aisle is the limit. Pickled fennel is easy to make and stores up nicely. Pickled anything with charred meat is a hit in […]

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Setting a Paper Table: Easy ideas to express your theme using place cards


During a recent surf and turf dinner party, I covered the table with brown kraft paper (love!) with ribbon runners. This lead to some fun and easy place card ideas for your next brown paper table party. The combinations are endless and there will be something for every occasion and holiday. Brown paper is clean, […]

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