Read and Read: The Old Man and The Sea

The Old Man and The Sea By E. Hemingway

Short on pages, long on quality and now tied to great memories of our trip to Cuba, which included visiting Cojimar and Hemingway’s home and boat (Pilar). Vividly word-illustrated story that puts you out in the tiny boat. Akin to many stories in life of struggling with unknown or larger than life challenges, Santiago reminds us to preserve, keep perspective and make incremental progress. This novel is consider certainly one of Hemingway’s best, and last book – none of this I will argue. Instead I leave you with some photos of us experiencing the backdrop (and photo proof the hubs read it too).

Hemmingway’s bust, complete with perfect patina

What?! An old man fishing in Cojimar?

One small cross section of Hemingway’s books

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