Reach & Reach: Heads in Beds

Heads in Beds A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality By Jacob Tomsky

Airport impulse purchase and maybe better to read on the flight headed into vacation than one home, so that you have time to apply Mr. Tomsky’s recommendations. Can’t say I was surprised/shocked per se by what was shared in this book, but was interested to consider the concept of tipping the desk agent for upgrades. Granted it probably reaaalllly depends on the class of hotel you are resting your head at but we could all stand to be better at showing gratitude and social graces. While I used to not tip baristas routinely, as I as a community pharmacist at the time didn’t get a tip and was dispensing some more important that your faux-macho-chino coffee drink, I now tip the baristas when I can and I learned that like waitresses they aren’t often compensated at a full base wage. If I am short on change, I am at least pleasant. Mr. Tomsky is a witty crass man, so be ready for several laugh out loud moments. The book is a pretty quick read and really at the end of day, apply the golden rule, don’t be a jerk, get down off your high horse, let the bellman take your bags even if “you got it” and maybe consider slipping some bills… I think we might give it a try next time we travel and there stands something to be “gained” but I don’t think I will clean out the mini-bar and lie…. I still ultimately need to sleep at night….

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This book has been released into the wild via Book Crossing. Follow its travels at or by looking up its BCID: 642-12409928.

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