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Sunshine Strawberry Oven Jam

Sunshine strawberry oven jam comes to us from the Small Batch Preserving book. The “sunshine” comes in as reference to the throwback process of placing the cooked berries out in the sun for several days to evaporate the liquid and thicken up the jam. I can only imagine the bugs, primarily bees in my yard, that would be highly interested in supervising the process. Good thing you can use the oven instead, with convection as a bonus option. Feel free to use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar in the recipe. However, the balsamic brightens up the flavor (perhaps the new “sunshine”?) but is not overpowering in this recipe’s ratio. I was able to make this 100% organic – look for quality berries, organic cane sugar and I even found some certified organic vinegar.



Serve on a spoon, yogurt, ice cream, bread or cheesecake.

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