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Rhubarb, Pear and Berry Pie

Summer keeps rolling along, as does my rhubarb plant. While the pears are not quite ripe yet, I did need to make room in my freezer and had a bag of Asian pears from last season that I quickly froze. Toss in some Washington blueberries, zest and cinnamon and you have yourself a tasty pie. This recipe makes enough for two full size pies but I only had one full crust, so I obtained another package of ready made dough (because I don’t make crust, it disappoints me) and made up some ugly mini open faced pies. Ugly mini pies taste good!   Rustic yum! You could also freeze the other portion of filling for another time or make a quick crisp with it.

Use whatever berry you had handy: black, rasp or straw would all pair quite nicely. Fresh or frozen. I used Asian pears as that is what grows in my yard and I like their crunch but any other pear would be just fine.  Other options might include trying apple or adding ginger. This pie is not runny and the rhubarb is soft and just the right amount of tart. The pears are mellow and smooth.



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