Holly Berry Garland to Deck your Space

Enjoy making this festive garland! The holly berry silhouettes are only a little bit fussy to cut and you will need a sewing machine to complete this project but the finished product can be used in many different ways from garland, mantle decoration, bunting, table runner or gift wrapping. I will put some ideas for variations at the end and if you create your own drop a picture or link in the comments. Rather just purchase? I have a few listed in my Etsy shop right now and could probably be persuaded to make some custom strands for you.

Holly Berry Garland


  • Shade of Green felt, 6-8 sheets (~ 9 x 12 inches, per sheet)
  • So. Many. Holly leaves
  • 2 sheets of red felt for berries
  • Craft glue, scissors, pins, sewing machine
  1. Create a holly leaf pattern. I drew one based on a cookie cutter shape I had (keep it simple) and then laminated it (can also just cover with clear packing tape) as you will need to trace and cut a lot of holly leaves. Mine were about 3 inches in length and they overlap a bit when sewn together so a 6 foot length of garland needed about 30-36 leaves.
  2. Cut red strips of felt about 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch wide. Then cut them into shorter lengths. How short? Depends on how big a berry you wanted. I did 4 1/2 inches. Do not worry about being super exact. Let there be some variation. Make at least as many of these as leaves in your garland. I put one larger berry between each leave but could make smaller berries and put multiples, or use pom pom poms, flat red felt circles, sequins etc.
  3. Dot some craft glue along the red felt strip and then roll it up and put a sewing pin to hold the end in place while glue dries. Viola! Holly berries!
  4. Trace and cut out felt holly leaves. These will be sewn in a single layer so if they vary in size a bit, that is great!
  5. If using multiple colors of leaves (and if you care), decide the order to have them in garland, get your sewing machine ready and then using a slightly longer stitch length (3.0) starting sewing the leaves lengthwise into one long chain, overlapping each leaf a bit (this is where berries will go).
  6. Once holly leaves are sewn together, your holly berries should be dried and ready to be attached to garland. Note the berries also will cover any funny business/flaws.
  7. You can add to the far end a loop of embroidery floss if you like.

Here are two ideas for other felt shapes. quick circles (just for fun or a nod to ornaments/Christmas lights, see also the paper version using greeting cards) and one using scraps pieces. This scrap one hangs in my crafting space.


  • Play with colors or white felt for completely different looks.
  • Making sure that you are cutting on the inside of the drawn line so that no ink shows on the shape when done.
  • If cutting two layers at a time, I suggest pinning them to hold them together, with felt it is usually best to cut single layers to ensure clean lines and shapes.
  • Make the shapes over-sized or mini for different looks.
  • Scraps Rock! They are useful for other projects (e.g. baubles or another garland etc) or can be recycled in your Ridwell bin. (<3)

Does 2020 need more cowbell? Undecided but your 2020 does need more garland. Here are some other ideas!

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