Get it from yourself, Experiment & Make one mistake by noon

I aim to learn something new every day and make at least one mistake by noon – otherwise I am not working, living, improving.

Just some advice I regularly dole out that applies well to professional as well as personal life. It’s pretty hard to avoid if you are out there doing and being. I have a few selective daily wisdom emails, one of which is from, another is from HBR and the rest stretch the meaning of wisdom and come from places like the FDA. Recently, Brainpickings shared a true gem for all aspects of life. Penned by James T. Mangan, who some called a bit kooky, but I think was really on to something: Fourteen Ways to Acquire Knowledge: A Timeless Guide from 1936 (via)

Practice-Ask-Desire-Get it from yourself-Walk around it-Experiment-Teach-Read-Write-Listen-Observe-Put in order-Define-Reason

Perhaps instead of learn every day, I should do these fourteen things every day but I would also add a number 15 – Fail (or make a mistake) by noon. That is how we learn and move forward (if you let yourself) after all. You can even think about that failed recipe (See my infamous Kenny Roger’s Dinner Train Bound for Nowhere for real life example) or bombed craft project.

I offer to you excerpted words from Mangan paired with examples of my new found photography love.

Which of the fourteen tactics resonates the most with you?

Photo notes: 14. Italian Honey Bee Package 13. Blank sandwich board in Mountain Home, Arkansas 12. Carrots from my garden 11. Buddha head in local Pea Patch 10/9/8: Dead end street in Beacon Hill looking towards Lake Washington 7/6. Vintage bicycle along the fence at PJ’s in Norfolk, Arkansas 5. Rusty manhole cover in Mountain Home, Arkansas 4. Garden gnome in Beacon Hill 3. Shuttered windows in Florence, Italy 2/1. Classic life ring at a Port Ludlow marina

2 thoughts on “Get it from yourself, Experiment & Make one mistake by noon

  1. Only ONE mistake?! 😀 Beautiful photos and inspiring post! I am definitely in dire need of number 12… so that must be my choice!

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