Holiday Card Makin’

This year I decide to make cards. I only casually dabble in the paper arts but I do enjoy it as an alternative fiber to craft with, especially when mixed with cloth, glitter, buttons and sewing machine.  The collection is all about stars and up-cycling books, dictionary and atlas. The tutorial is for the “Peace on Earth” card set. I posted a set or two in my Etsy store for sale. My other card collections dare to say things like Christmas on a few, Merry and Tannenbaum. I love the carol O’Tannenbaum….

Spray with glitter. Recommend doing it in a poorly ventilated area preferably on the carpet. 🙂

photo 1(2)

Cut stars out of the atlas. I used a cookie cutter to help form my template but I like my stars a little wonky and not symmetrical.  Also cut stars out of fabric. I found linen to be my favorite. Think about pinking the edges and also making some of the stars smaller, for better layeringphoto 2(1)

Layer up, sew down. You really only get one shot when sewing on paper, since the holes are permanent.

photo 4(1)photo 3(2)


photo 1(1)

photo 3(1)photo 2

Here are some of the other cards, making the most of my scrap bin, typewriter and sewing machine. I think the “pennants” look like the awesome old fashioned Christmas lights. I’m also playing around with my logo (or lack of one)…photo 4-1 I know the photos aren’t the best… late night indoor lighting…

photo(8)photo 2 photo 3-1

I also made some rustic trees from half circles cut out of a dictionary. I tore the edges instead of cutting and pressed the edges of some onto my gold stamp pad. The trunks are ribbon scraps and of course, buttons.  I left them blank inside. I do love blue as a Christmas color.

photo-5 - Copy

Lastly, and maybe the most fun, were the cards I made by repurposing previous year’s holiday cards. This is no easy task and so many people send out the photo postcards versus traditional holiday cards. Never fear, I think I made it work, incorporated this year’s star shape and sewed more paper.  I left these blank as well on the inside.

photo-6 (2) - Copyphoto-7 - Copy

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