Name these Chicks – A Peepstakes

The Beacon Hill Farm is now home to four new chicks. You know, lose one gain FOUR! The math gets better every time. Who are these new ladies??

  • Chick #1 – Blue Silkie
  • Chick # 2 – Golden Laced Wyandotte
  • Chick # 3 – Black Copper Maran
  • Chick # 4 – Barred Rock

We need some help naming the new girls (Hung’s Hen Harem) and I need some more blog and Etsy store traffic – so naturally we have going to a peep stakes! Not for cash, but some prizes and bragging rights.

Prizes – if you live locally, a dozen eggs and some honey. If you live afar, some honey and jar of plum butter – since I can mail without as much risk of incident.

Here’s how to win –

  1. Put on your thinking hats (round up your kiddos and co-workers too!
  2. From now until March 23th, comment on this blog post with your suggested names for each of the four girls. If a name is for a particular girl, just refer to her profile number.
    1. If you share this blog on your facebook page or sign up to follow, you get double stamps and your suggested name will fall into favor with the judges.
    2. Keep the names clean, not hurtful, stupid sh*ff will be deleted
    3. Examples: Little, Poopsy, Frieda, Lit, Imelda, Ann Wilson, Karen Carpenter, Basil, Parsnip, Nguyen, Virginia, Blue Devil, Zag, Clementine
  3. Suggested names will be posted on Odds and Hens Facebook page  for voting starting March 24th, running through March 31st. Winners will be announced thereafter.
  4. Don’t like to chance the odds, if you purchase at my Etsy store, you automatically get to name one chick, no voting required. Yes, I am that tricky.

You can review our current and past Creature names for perspective on this Farm Overview. Remember, this is just for fun, I make the rules (which I am sure violate others) and ultimately chose the winners. You benefit with eternal bragging rights, dibs on eggs and some honey to sweeten the deal.

The End!


10 thoughts on “Name these Chicks – A Peepstakes

  1. #1 Stormie, for her dark blue color and stormy personality
    #2 Queen, as she will be elegantly golden laced little gal
    #3 Penny for the Copper Moran
    #4 Barbie the barred rock

  2. Storm-theme, past & present favorites: Sue Bird (Birdy), Lauren Jackson (LoJak), Swintayla Cash (Swin), Tully Bevilaqua (Tully…also covers you on local coffee-related name).

    I really need to visit your urban farm!

  3. Frankie (I just like that name), Frances Mae (grandma’s name), Betty (We Can Do It), Etta James (At Last and a tribute to one of my fav’s).

  4. Well we chose to go with Cartoon themed names. Being a mom of 3 afterall…and my son helped with these.
    #1- Pigeon (looks like a character on Valiant…a movie of pigeons)
    #2- Mulan (some similarities to the hawk, but appears strong and wise)
    #3- Scuttle (from the little mermaid…the lower right hand pic looks like scuttle)
    #4- Touille (after Ratatouille…a kitchen bird)

    Hope the new little girls are settling in!!

  5. 1. Gwen (after Gwen Stefani, she looks fierce), 2. Florence (after one of my favorite groups), 3. Pink (she looks like she will be a good warbler) 4. Aretha (she’s commandin’ some RESPECT and strutting already)

  6. OK, #1 should be Amelia (as in Earhart) as she looks brave and as if she is might fly off her podium at any moment. #4 looks like she is whipping up something good to eat in the kitchen and would make a cute Julia (Child). That is all I have for you at this time! 🙂

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