NCAA inspired Blood Orange Vodka Soda with Basil

It is very out of character for me make a cocktail for home consumption, but when one’s hand is forced with basketball at every turn, one must respond rationally. Life is about choices after all and I choose to watch DVR’d Project Runway (way behind on the most recent season so no spoilers), work on a quilt and have a cocktail. Because I am not one to waste my calories (ok, that is a stretch), I opt for good vodka, soda (tonic, other than glow in the dark doesn’t do much for me anymore. I like vodka because of who it is, not what it does….) and blood oranges with basil. The produce selection inspired by what is in my fridge with in a freshness count down AND I enjoyed similar libations before (but not with fresh squeezed). Below are the instructions in pictures only, except a tip about cutting basil strips. Can’t really mess this one up… unless you use crap vodka. I support pulp in drinks too.

Blood Orange Vodka Soda with Basil

To cut Basil strips: layer leaves on top of one another and then roll up. Cut. Strips.

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