New Diggs – Chicks are getting older!

First. Thing. – Last. Day. to vote for the chick names over at Sweet Sixteen.

Second – chicks grow fast. Hence they need an upgraded abode.

Original Brooder Set Up

  • A bit different than the more traditional set up
  • Made with items we had lying around house
  • Safety first!


  • Used a clear tote, with paper towel and timothy hay for the bottom. Have to watch the slipperiness of things like newspaper.
  • Place a window screen over the top to keep chicks in, other stuff out and promote air circulations.
    • You can pick these up inexpensive at Home Depot or the like. I use mine with my bees for applying powder-sugar treatments or when opening up the hives
  • Simple mason jar water, you can pick these up at the feed store. I had one for feeding my bees sugar water in a similar fashion but couldn’t find it for the life of me. Elevate the water just a bit off the ground to help keep the hay et al out of they. They learn to scratch from minute one.
  • Dish for food. We used Asian restraint sauce dishes. Granted they can stand in it but it is working fine for now. They make chick feeders that work too.
  • Heat source. Many use heat lamps mounted above. I just feel like it is so risky for fire and I didn’t have one. I did have a space heater, that does not generate drafts or wind movement (“electric oil heater”) has a thermostat, is pretty new and we felt less of a fire hazard
  • Safe place (away from the dog and looky-lous). We went with our guest bathroom: tile (sweepable) floor, small (so not too much to heat), skylight (natural light cycles) and water. The sink is a handy place to put them short term while cleaning. We also left the box they came home in sans top for fun. Not usefully but they did play in it for a bit.
  • Chicken crumble

Upgrade! Upgrade!   Essentials

  • Still consider safety, need for heat (but less now)
  • Bigger space as the girls are springing up, except the little silky – she’s puny but eating and feisty
  • Food needs to be raised up

Interim Brooder

  • Large sturdy cardboard box (aka kindling for a heatlamp IMHO)
  • Same waterer set up
  • Puppy pee pads for lining under the timothy hay/orchard grass (we happen to have a lot of them)
  • Same feeding set up (for now, working on something better)
  • “My first roost”, soon they will be ready to start roosting. I used skewers to make the first one, it won’t be big enough for long
  • Some ‘décor’, because why not?
    • Pet goose
    • Canopy bed
    • Sitting Room
    • Eiffel Tower view
    • Garden View

      What ideas or set up for baby chicks have worked for you? What was less the useful?

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