Sweet Potato and Acorn Squash Pie – Unpumpkin Redux

Remember the Acorn Squash and Apricot Pie from September? My taste buds sure do. I whipped up a new version of the unpumpkin pie, and it is a tie for which I like the best. This time around my apron squash was smaller than usual, about one and half pounds AND I had some sweet potato hanging out. Remember the sweet potato hand pie of a summer gone by – it is coming back too (but you wouldn’t know about it because it was a blog post that didn’t).  Well I put the two memories together and made another delicously fall pie, creamy, spiced and perfect with vanilla ice cream.


Follow the same recipe as the Acorn Squash and Apricot Pie; omitting apricots and using 1.5 pounds acorn squash and 1.5 pounds sweet potatoes, both baked before starting the pie.