Cold Smoked Maple Cajun Party Nuts

cold smoke roasted nut maple cajun recipe party

The Smoking Gun rides again! This time to impart its delicate smoky wisdom upon some roasted maple syrup and Cajun spiced mixed nuts (walnuts and pecans to be exact).  Roasting nuts is easy and sky’s the limit for flavor. I happens to have ajar of organic Cajun spices and maple syrup asking to be used […]

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Meringue Rules of Engagement & how not to break them

2014-05-11 15 crop small

I recently made a rhubarb meringue pie (post coming soon). I had the general idea of how to whip up a meringue, but admittedly it had been a while. For some reason, once I had already combined all the ingredients and started beating, I decided to review the process to make sure I was on […]

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Pickled Fennel – Canning Recipe

You bet this pickled fennel is from 2011! Great vintage, ages nicely. When I made it, I had acquired a few extra fennels on a sale but knew I wouldn’t eat them all. Fennel is a treat, despite being pretty humble, and more expensive at times than I think it ought to be. No worries […]

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It’s Feeding Time at The Apiary – Sugar Syrup


“They could eat all they wanted, for maple sugar never hurt anybody.” Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods I don’t think Buddy the Elf could agree more either, but there is controversy out there about feeding your bees to help them get up and going in the spring time and set up […]

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