Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Chair Signs – DIY : Good penmanship not required

Anyone planning or dreaming of a wedding on Pinterest has seen the myriad of chair signs, shashes etc announcing the new Mr. and Mrs. A dear friend of mine has rapidly approaching nuptials and asked if I could make her a pair of signs that incorporated her colors, great sense of style and some ideas she had on seen on Pinterest and Etsy. Sure thing! Pinterest wasn’t a part of my wedding planning (and likely a good thing) and I periodically suffer from reception regret and woulda shoulda’s (yes, I know I need to just get over it). Here is a chance for a do over! I will share final photos from the reception at a future date.

DIY Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Reception Chair Signs, Placards or Sashes

Supply List and Expenses – everything can be found at your local craft store (Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby) or well stocked craft room

Be sure to use coupons! I love the craft store apps that organize them for me. Time estimate and “cost” will really vary with how much experimenting you do and how you value your time…..


  • Get inspired! Take a look at ideas on Pinterest, personal experience and imagination. Ask questions of the recipient to get a good sense of what they envision (or don’t). Before heading to the craft store I came up with a collage of ideas and scanned my craft room for stuff already on hand. I went with simple, clean, with the ribbon sash to tie to chair as the “flare”

  • Go shopping! Depending on your business model or accounting, this might be good time to track. I don’t (yet) as I love wandering the aisles and invariable take detours.
  • Set up a plan of attack! Words, background, frame, how to hang and little bits of flare
  • Prep the frame. I simply sprayed the front and back of the wood cut out with flat black paint. I think they would be fine in the natural coloring but for this particular event wanted the bolder black.

  • Create a template. Don’t underestimate the time this might take. If you are like me font is important and I think took me about an hour and a million font combinations. Also be thinking about what you can realistically cut out of the paper, unless you decide to paint or free hand. I just used Word, drew two 5×7 text boxes to fit the inside of the selected frame (workspace) and typed in Mr. and Mrs., respectively. Ultimately, decided to use Script MT Bold Size 240. Print out on regular paper. Alternatively, you can buy precut letters in the scrapbooking section, stickers or print onto the final paper. Sky’s the limit.

  • Trace magic! Trace the letters onto the contrasting colored paper or material. I used a boysenberry sheet of scrapbook paper, slightly heavier weight than normal but nothing dramatic. You could laminate the white paper and then cut out the letter and then trace onto the paper. I used a different method but placing the white paper template on the purple paper and then with a ball point pen drawing on the top and pressing down hard to leave an imprint of the letters on the paper. This eliminated the need to clean up pencils lines or reverse the image before tracing.

  • Cut out the lettering. I used small sharp scissors to make the long cuts and then an Exacto knife for the more intricate cuts.
    Take your time with this step to get the smoothest lines.
  • Layout the frame contents.

  • Cut the background fabric or paper. This is a burlap material that they sell by the sheet in the scrapbooking supply area. I love burlap and it also gives the sign a nice texture and warmth. I backed the burlap with a cream cardstock, but you could do other colors for contrast. After cutting to size (just over 5×7, or pinch bigger than framed area) glue down to cream paper with dabs of rubber cement around the ends.

  • Place the lettering: Place the lettering in the desired location and then dab (really small dabs) rubber cement to the back of the letters. Use a toothpick if the brush is too big. Press firmly to the background.

  • Add some bling! (if you want) I sprayed with restraint gold glitter onto the lettering before assembling (didn’t want it on the black frame)

  • Add a loop to the top to hang. This will ultimately be strung up with a grand ribbon sash but needs a loop to hang it firmly. I used a 6 inch cut of ribbon and dab of hot glue.

  • Attached front to frame with small blobs of hot glue. Less is more. Once this is on cut a back piece of paper (I used the same boysenberry paper) slightly larger than the cream rectangle. Glue this down again around the corners.

  • Clean up any loose hot glue strings etc.

There are so many ways to personalize this: incorporate part of the bridesmaid dress fabric, centerpieces, invitation, use unconventional materials etc. Don’t be bound by Pinterest, but start there and spring forward.

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