(big)B(little)b are for Books

Bee and Bea joined forces again (six years and counting) to support books, reading in the community. However, with SO. MUCH. going on these COVID times, we decided to focus the efforts internally and not add our usual call and crowd funding ask to the mix. In 2020, the Bb’s supported Virginia Mason’s Bailey Boushay House. Coloring has been a big part of their creative outlets, so much so Ms. Bea was Bob Ross for Halloween. The two curated a huge collection of coloring books and implements for clients and families that utilize Bailey Boushay House services. Shameless plug! We used Fakequity’s Bookshop affiliate link (thank you to a friend for founding!) to order adding to the good-deed-ness (support indy bookshops and Fakequity’s own book drive.)

It’s never to late to join us either of course (is it really calmer right now?) – donations via this link go directly to Bailey via the Virginia Mason Foundation (501c3).

Just for Funsies – Here is one of our current kid book lists – let us know some of your favorites.


In 2019, #beeisforbooks morphed into #Bbisforbooks because with two ‘Bs’, there is more than double to celebrate now. They supported the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPs), raising $840 – this org is near and dear to our family.

In 2018 – more bees joined the fun in supporting Bailey Boushay House! More links to past: 2017, 2016 (twice!) and 2015

#beeisforbooks #Bbisforbooks

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