Little Prince Quilt – Fit for a Sibling, Made for a Family

Three and half years ago I shared the Baby Royalty Quilt crafted for a good friend, with the surname King. Something at the time told me to save segments of the fabric from her daughter’s quilt in the event another princess/prince joined their family. Intuition, luck or the fact that I love seeing and use […]

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Paper Bunting Activity

Buntings are an easy and versatile way to decorate. There are so many great kits and pre-cut products out there. This version using poster board and dot paint markers. I did this as a shower activity but had some left over bunting pieces and we did more painting together. My toddler-guy likes the dot markers […]

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Toddler Ribbon Bowties DIY

This tutorial is for quick and simple toddler or mini-sized bowties. I like the contrast of the ribbon, setting it apart from other ties. Using ribbon, snaps and scraps of fabric – I made these up as fun shower favors.  You could even put them on your pet or use elastic instead of ribbon and […]

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Fresh Nursery Wall Art Ideas: Decoupage, Glue, Sew and Staple

A share of easy and sometimes quick wall art crafts ideas I made for the little tot’s room. I shared a post where I made garland from greeting cards and gift bags [Here is that post!]. Well, I had quite a few left over…. so I cut more in coordinating colors, including gift bags, and then […]

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Twine Art Orbs: Balloons, Twine, Glue, Go DIY!

Twine or string balloon decorations are an easy and versatile craft. Make a lot in a many sizes, hang them offset above a table and you have a chandelier, make smaller versions add some glitter and you have a simple holiday ornament or stay more traditional and recreate the delicate Easter Egg baskets using embroidery […]

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Makeover Your Mei Tai Carrier: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

DIY makeover mei tai infantino raindrops seattle umbrella hood babywearing

Makeover your Mei Tai carrier! Sadly, this post won’t have exact measurements to guide you inch by inch. This meant to be a narrative inspiration of one way to customize your  Mei Tai – easy enough that you can change it with the seasons (as long as you have a good seam ripper).  I added […]

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DIY Sensory Mat Tutorial – Bits Baubles Glittery Goop

contents blue baby oil glitter sensory mat pompoms rubber bands beads foodsaver sealed giant google eyes

Plenty of tutorials out on the inter webs for sensory mats, so nothing too revolutionary here BUT what makes this one different is I used my food saver to seal in the gloopy glittery beautiful mess. Nothing wrong with just sealing and taping a zip locking bag or ironing to seal but using the food […]

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Day 1 of #Giveit100 Project: aka Rhymes with Bee

Reading List great baby books

There is no shortage or reading, singing or talking in our house with Baby Bee around but I came across the Give it 100 project and thought this would be a fun way to capture Bee McQT over the course of time and work our way through the tomes of books, especially fun poetry collections […]

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