Brunchish Garden Fresh Cheesy Egg Bake

So many adjectives! Cheesy, brunch-y fresh, easy, versatile, quick,  unpretentious egg bake recipe is a great way to incorporate the vegetable bounty of your garden, CSA or grocery store. This time of year many are looking for ways to use up squash, this recipe will tackle at least four to five cups of that prolific […]

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Roasted Pepper and Chard Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

I love quiche, frittata, egg-bakes, what-evers as a way to use up fridge items and make an all things consider quick healthy meal. They also make great hearty brunch dishes and weekday leftovers. this version uses sweet potato slices for a ‘crust’, inspired by one of those DIY videos that scroll through your news feed. […]

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Chocolate Mousse – Aquafaba-u-lous

Decadent Chocolate Mousse: Aquafaba is the secret allowing this dessert to be vegan, dairy free, egg-free or just a fun treat to make. #magicbeanbrine

I love weekends! The little bit extra time to putter in the kitchen is truly enjoyed. This weekend I attempted my maiden aquafaba voyage. Aquafaba is basically chickpea or garbanzo bean brine from the can discovered by a likely desperate-for-meringue-egg-allergic-genius. The history of aquafaba still contains more mystery and legend than fact. But there is science […]

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Twine Art Orbs: Balloons, Twine, Glue, Go DIY!

Twine or string balloon decorations are an easy and versatile craft. Make a lot in a many sizes, hang them offset above a table and you have a chandelier, make smaller versions add some glitter and you have a simple holiday ornament or stay more traditional and recreate the delicate Easter Egg baskets using embroidery […]

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Creme Brûlée in Jars : Perfect, simple, deceptively easy

creme brûlée in jars tutorial easy dessert

Previously, I was not a big creme brûlée fan. No good reason, just meh or I will have the seasonal sorbets please. I also had no idea how simple it is to make. Fancy French dessert? Must be complicated, require stilettos, twelve hours, culinary degree and secret ingredients grown in the shade of the Eiffel […]

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Tips for Chicks: Nourish Your Hens with Calcium

Calcium is an important part of a healthy and happy chicken diet. Whether you have noticed some fragile or soft eggs shells from your girls or just because, now is a great time to think about supplementing them. In most places their egg laying will increase as the days are longer and the weather more […]

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