Bienvenidos a Mi Mundo! My name is Megan and I’m a problem solving, decision making, left brain leader by day, simmering right brain artist with crafting ideas waiting to spill over at almost all other times and a lover making and eating good food.  At home I am mother of 6 hens (Bella, Touille, Swin, Scuttle, Harriet Tubman and Betsy Ross. RIP: Buffy, Goldie, Roxie, Lilihen, Amelia Earhart and Frankie), a backyard apiary and a one-eyed rescue dog (Mason McTruong, aka Mr. Peebody aka Barky McPhearson). And the newest edition – a beautiful baby boy, with who I am absolutely smitten. My husband is wonderful, supportive and getting in with lingo, periodically dropping terms like ‘fat quarters’. He fears no trip to a craft store and makes urgent and immediate stops at quilt and antique stores – no questions asked.  Sometimes I can even get him to do some of the mundane tasks like fluffing tissue poms. 🙂

Every day I aim to learn something new, which invariably happens. My goal of blogging is a three legged stool. 1) learn and explore 2) entertain and (maybe) enlighten and 3) experiment within this series of tubes, called the internets. Obviously, it is totally voluntary for all parties, but I hope people enjoy sharing in aliquots of my life . Staying true to myself  – I plan to focus on my hobbies (crafting, quilting, reading, beekeeping, causal gardening), my family, adoption and of course, the random stuff that happens to me.  Topic potluck, but that is who I am.   Have something you would like to hear from me? Speak up.

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Review Policy – UPDATED August 13, 2016

  • I am happy to accept books for review consideration on Odds and Hens. Please note the following bullet points as contacting me assumes you have read and agree to these terms:
  • I enjoy hearing from publishers and authors about books, but unfortunately, I cannot make guarantees about reviews. This blog is a hobby, not a job (right now). I will try to respond to every request though. Please include in the body of the email the following information: book’s title, author, a summary, the publisher, and the release date. While I am certainly able to accept attachments, I prefer all the above information in the email up front to be consumed at a quick glance.
  • I don’t do a lot of blog tours due to time constraints and would hate to be a rate limiting step. I do not schedule review dates but respect your requests regarding release if book is pre-released. However, i do not review manuscripts. I just don’t have time.
  • I will participate in give-aways when coordinated with the publisher
  • I am on goodreadsFacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (and snapchat, and instagram and ….) If I bought the book on Amazon or the like, I might post a review there, otherwise not.
  • I may highlight potentially sensitive (maybe about family, hot topics, language) or offensive elements to my readers at the end of a review in a separate section. These elements do not affect how I personally may feel about a book and are completely separate from my recommendations.
  • My blog, even though it is a hobby, is not your advertising range space. If you ask and I agree to a guest post, I expect that it will be handled as something exclusive, not reprinted elsewhere.
  • Disclosure: When the source of a book in my reviews says anything besides “Personal Copy” or “Library” or nothing (because it was an older book review post (pre-2016), it means I was provided with a free book for review. Additionally, the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I receive a small amount of commission.What I Like:

    Just like my blog, I have a lot of book interests and am open to reading things that might seem out of my wheelhouse. In general, I enjoy reading young children baby- 8/10 years of age books (fiction, nonfiction, activities, photo) craft, cooking/food, gardening, parenting, health and wellness, leadership/business, biographies and some fiction.  I am not a huuuuuge fan of fantasy, sci-fi, super dark books, thriller, sports, end of the world, and am selective about historical books.

    You can email me at oddsandhens@gmail.com. Thanks for your time and interest!

    Other Media – Items
    I will also accept products, music, movies, and TV shows for review. Again, accepting one of these items does not guarantee a review.  I really like crafts and kitchen gadgets!

    For my Readers
    While I receive many books and/or products for review, I will always let you know where I got the book and give you my honest opinion regardless of the source. It will be very clear if the review is native (me just doing my thing) or more prompted (me doing my thing with a book or product someone sent me).

Statements I use:

I received a electronic copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated, nor required to say something positive, in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my experience and observations while reading this book.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I came by your blog by way of a recipe.. stopped to read your post on the Clock book. I was.. enthralled. I stopped. Closed my eyes. Sighed for a moment. Then opened my eyes, and re read the entire post and your About page. By the end, I felt as if I had been sitting in a library, in a chair tucked away under a window, overlooking a pond with flowers and ducks and blue skies.. and I had a book.. this book took me out among the blades a grass, skimming light over the pond and watching the ducks waddling away. Sigh. What an awesome feeling this was. Thank you. I miss my library.. and you gave it back to me. ♡

  2. Hi Megan,
    can I repost your article about naming your chicks, as I think it’s a lovely piece and would sit well on my blog (and hopefully give you more viewings too)


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