Mystery Cookies: My FAVE-orite.

This is hands down my favorite cookie, especially for the holidays but good anytime. The mystery is how can four ingredients come together into such complexity. Salty, sweet, chocolate and caramel?  My friends, it is your lucky day: the recipe for mystery cookies. Ingredients Sleeve of saltine crackers 2 cups chocolate chips (or more 🙂 […]

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Hello Dolly! Sweet Gooey Treat Bars….

Hello Dolly Seven Layer Magic Cookie bar recipe. Easy sweet gooey chocolate coconut

It’s so nice to have you back where you belong… in my kitchen and on my blog. Hello Dolly Bars are a favorite of mine and really any other rational person, given that they are gooey sweet with coconut and caramelized sweetened condensed milk (oooh, wee those corner pieces!). They go by other names such […]

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Mexican Wedding Cakes – Powdered Sugar and Spice – Always Nice


Rescued from the depths of a past blog post and recreated today in my kitchen with a TWIST – cardamom and pistachio…  Inspiration – a dear friends 20th Anniversary Party! [insert ethnicity] Wedding Cakes – a favorite of my theater buddy ASB, from the tried and true Joy of Cooking, among many classic cookbooks. About forty – sixty […]

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No Bake Almond Apricot Chocolate Cookies

Thank you Martha S. for the sweet treat inspiration and no-bake revival. I made a few tweaks just to be different and use up some items in the pantry. These no bake cookies are delicious and probably a touch better for you from a macrolevel but so good you will want to eat more than […]

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The Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Ever

Whether you are making gingerbread men, people, bears, ninjas (ninjabread), stockings, bells or other festive shapes, this is the classic recipe, tried and true over the course of my entire life by my mother. I have successfully made this a half batch, by using the smallest eggs from one of my hens (ironically, the largest […]

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