PEPper Prepper Party : Like a cookie exchange but with waterproof matches.


I do love a theme! The disaster preparedness party idea started this summer when one of parents in our PEPs group shared an article on being ready for 9.0 earthquake in our near future (remember time is relative). In my last professional position, disaster preparedness was one of my bailiwicks, and I must have just […]

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Diaper Skep for a Bee or Beehive Themed Shower: Tutorial

So many options and ideas out there for diaper cakes. They make an adorable centerpiece for a shower, customizable with ribbons and flare, and certainly are a needed gift commodity for new parents. (..would fit well with a Bee is for Baby themed shower I hosted.)  For an added creative, yet not too complicated, twist, […]

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This week’s food inspiration: fresh, mostly local

beet carrot radish salad coriander

My garden is not going gangbusters but I am enjoying a new CSA we are trying this summer, Growing Washington. Having so  many colors and options to play with makes the peak of summer a great time to prepare food. Mixed in you might also find ways to integrate food from the larder to make way for […]

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Harvard Beets: Out of the dirt into the Pressure Cooker


Harvard beets are a vintage recipe quite popular for good reason in all the guild, church and society cookbooks: tasty, simple and flexible. Many of you know I have a love of vintage cookbooks but today I share with you a quick updated version using your pressure cooker; taking the stovetop simmer from at least 40 minutes […]

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