Reach & Read: 1492 and 40 Fun Fables

Forty Fun Fables: Tales that Trick, Tickle and Teach by Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton This is an easy to read book of re-told fables, although not ‘fun’ like I hoped given tickle in the title. Content is directed at younger readers, there are some illustrations  and each tale provides the ‘moral of the story’ (pfew!) and […]

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Diaper Skep for a Bee or Beehive Themed Shower: Tutorial

So many options and ideas out there for diaper cakes. They make an adorable centerpiece for a shower, customizable with ribbons and flare, and certainly are a needed gift commodity for new parents. (..would fit well with a Bee is for Baby themed shower I hosted.)  For an added creative, yet not too complicated, twist, […]

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In the Hive – Summer is Official!


Continuing my resolution to be a better beekeeper and bee steward, 2014 marks my fourth season of bee herding and while earning my Apprentice Badge adds a nice bit of flare, beekeeping and stewarding is more about doing than passing a test, a lot like life and career …. There is no GPA in the […]

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