Harvard Beets: Out of the dirt into the Pressure Cooker

Harvard beets are a vintage recipe quite popular for good reason in all the guild, church and society cookbooks: tasty, simple and flexible. Many of you know I have a love of vintage cookbooks but today I share with you a quick updated version using your pressure cooker; taking the stovetop simmer from at least 40 minutes […]

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Dried Asian Pears with Curry and Cinnamon – Preserving the Harvest

Last year I finally broke down and bought a food dehydrator after years of concern that it would be just another appliance taking up space. Granted it isn’t running 365, but when it is time to harvest fruit or there is a great sale at the market, my Nesco Snack Master Pro (amazon affiliate) becomes […]

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Nut Butters – Almond, Pecan and Walnut! Oh My!

I love nut butter – peanuts? yes please! almond? Over here! But I recently tried making a batch of pecan and a batch of walnut. Now the big decision, is which nut butter to spread on my toast? Nut butters are very easy to make at home and are a sure fire way for you […]

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Dried Mango – Simple Snacking

dried mango tutorial snack DIY easy

This isn’t rocket science but just a method that worked really well and made short work of a case of Kent Mangos. I scored the ripe box at Ranch 99 Market for a song – you could smell the mango-y-ness wafting from the box (after of course you left the questionable seafood herbal Pinesol legit […]

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Simple single ingredient dog treats – Happy Cow Heart Chews

dog treat anticipation dried beef heart organic homemade hypoallergenic

Happy Cow? Yes, I asked the rancher. Also grass fed and local.  A friend and I purchased a quarter cow from a local farm near Seattle (Hallet Family) this summer. When picking up at the butcher they asked if I wanted an offal. Yes! Liver (made pate), kidney, tongue (can you say TACOS!) and heart. […]

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