Dried Mango – Simple Snacking

dried mango tutorial snack DIY easy

This isn’t rocket science but just a method that worked really well and made short work of a case of Kent Mangos. I scored the ripe box at Ranch 99 Market for a song – you could smell the mango-y-ness wafting from the box (after of course you left the questionable seafood herbal Pinesol legit […]

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Simple single ingredient dog treats – Happy Cow Heart Chews

dog treat anticipation dried beef heart organic homemade hypoallergenic

Happy Cow? Yes, I asked the rancher. Also grass fed and local.  A friend and I purchased a quarter cow from a local farm near Seattle (Hallet Family) this summer. When picking up at the butcher they asked if I wanted an offal. Yes! Liver (made pate), kidney, tongue (can you say TACOS!) and heart. […]

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Dried Plums : To Crack or Not to Crack

Crack, definitely crack (it’s not whack) your plums before placing them in the dehydrator. But first, please accept the fact that dried plums are not prunes. They are amazing; no weird texture or strong taste. Drying is an excellent way to preserve a bumper crop of plums for the long winter months. Sweet bites! What […]

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Tart Plum Pie Filling

This year was a bumper backyard plum year. I still have plum butter and savory plum sauce left in the pantry, so in search of new recipes that use a lot of plum, stumbled across pie filling idea at the Local Kitchen blog. Thank you for the inspiration! Here is my execution of this easy […]

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Preserving Figs: Jam and Boozy

Fresh figs are a fine treat and preserving them opens up many more possibilities, from dried to newton to jam to pudding. I covet (yes, I know) my neighbors majestic fig tree and this year made it out in time to harvest about 10 pounds of green figs in 10 minutes. I am not sure […]

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Plum Dandy Fruit Leather

Fruit leather (or “fruit roll-ups”) make a great snack for full-size and tiny humans. Inspired by an abundance of frozen plums from backyard, impending bumper crop and recent success with a strawberry fruit leather, I created a batch of plum fruit leather with honey and plums. I know exactly what did and did not go […]

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