Acorn Squash and Apricot Pie – Move over Pumpkin!

acorn squash and apricot pie recipe pumpkin fall spice easy

This is a play on pumpkin pie baked with what was on hand but now I am head over heals and not turning back. Besides, acorn squash are easier to find that sugar pie pumpkins and it is fun to search your taste buds for that subtle difference. The spices still resemble pumpkin pie so the […]

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No Bake Almond Apricot Chocolate Cookies

Thank you Martha S. for the sweet treat inspiration and no-bake revival. I made a few tweaks just to be different and use up some items in the pantry. These no bake cookies are delicious and probably a touch better for you from a macrolevel but so good you will want to eat more than […]

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Meat Pocket Mini-Pie: Lamb Raisin Apricot Mushroom Empanada

A new protagonist in the epic saga of meat pockets – Pie Maker! In April, I crafted and shared my first try at empanadas (chicken and chorizo), chapter 5 in the series (view earlier chapters here). Today I share with you Chapter 6, prepare for the mini-pie revolution. Let me set the stage for you: […]

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