Creme Brûlée in Jars : Perfect, simple, deceptively easy

creme brûlée in jars tutorial easy dessert

  Previously, I was not a big creme brûlée fan. No good reason, just meh or I will have the seasonal sorbets please. I also had no idea how simple it is to make. Fancy French dessert? Must be complicated, require stilettos, twelve hours, culinary degree and secret ingredients grown in the shade of the […]

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Seasonal Dessert Idea: Rhubarb Custard with Meringue

This is a seasonal rhubarb recipe that is a departure from the standard and delicious rhubarb crisp or jam. Decidedly different, this recipe uses a generous amount of this ambidextrous vegetable. Although some varietals still have the poisonous leaves, many modern varietals have edible leaves. However, most recipes just use the petioles or stalks (celery looking […]

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