Forbidden Black Rice Pudding: Pressure Cooker Recipe

Happy Lunar New Year! This year’s celebratory dessert was the product of many firsts. First time cooking black forbidden rice, first dessert in the (new) pressure cooker and first batch of rice pudding. The result was a warm, comforting, lightly sweet, simple yet crowd pleasing dessert. This doubles easily, if your pot is big enough, and […]

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Creme Brûlée in Jars : Perfect, simple, deceptively easy

creme brûlée in jars tutorial easy dessert

Previously, I was not a big creme brûlée fan. No good reason, just meh or I will have the seasonal sorbets please. I also had no idea how simple it is to make. Fancy French dessert? Must be complicated, require stilettos, twelve hours, culinary degree and secret ingredients grown in the shade of the Eiffel […]

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DIY Painted Jars, Bottles & Vases

Upcycle, repurpose and be penny wise with this simple decorating DIY. Painted jars, bottles and vases make wonderful centerpieces for weddings, parties or everyday viewing pleasure. By painting on the inside, you get the illusion of colored glass, smooth to the touch and results in cleaner look. Rest assured that this is not a complicated […]

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