Makeover Your Mei Tai Carrier: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

DIY makeover mei tai infantino raindrops seattle umbrella hood babywearing

Makeover your Mei Tai carrier! Sadly, this post won’t have exact measurements to guide you inch by inch. This meant to be a narrative inspiration of one way to customize your  Mei Tai – easy enough that you can change it with the seasons (as long as you have a good seam ripper).  I added […]

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Tote Bag Makeover: From Meh to Bee-utiful!

It is no secret that I love bees. When the hospital gift shop displayed tote bags with a giant queen bee on them, I was first in line. However, the bag was bigger/floppier than I would like and the straps were pretty cheap and took away from the focal point. But I am a crafty […]

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