Chocolate Mousse – Aquafaba-u-lous

Decadent Chocolate Mousse: Aquafaba is the secret allowing this dessert to be vegan, dairy free, egg-free or just a fun treat to make. #magicbeanbrine

I love weekends! The little bit extra time to putter in the kitchen is truly enjoyed. This weekend I attempted my maiden aquafaba voyage. Aquafaba is basically chickpea or garbanzo bean brine from the can discovered by a likely desperate-for-meringue-egg-allergic-genius. The history of aquafaba still contains more mystery and legend than fact. But there is science […]

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Meringue Rules of Engagement & how not to break them

I recently made a rhubarb meringue pie (post coming soon). I had the general idea of how to whip up a meringue, but admittedly it had been a while. For some reason, once I had already combined all the ingredients and started beating, I decided to review the process to make sure I was on […]

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