Blueberry and Cointreau Cream Brunch Stack Cake – IKEA recipe hack

fruit stack cake pancake crepe hack tutorial IKEA hacks DIY recipe brunch dessert

Stack cakes – yum. Oft made with fresh crepes or grandma’s secret pancake recipe. Today I present my quick version featuring pannkakor (swedish pancakes) from IKEA with home-canned organic free range blueberry filing and cointreau whipped cream. Fruit and cream stack cakes are great for a special brunch or dessert at anytime of day (remember life […]

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Easy Chive Pancake: Buchujeon Recipe

Chives are my zucchini-cross to bear – I have more than I know what do with, “volunteers” showing up all over my garden and on the eternal quest for recipes that call for copious amounts (read: not a sprinkle on top of a baked potato). Several ideas floated around including pesto base, dumplings, Vietnamese bánh xeo […]

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