Mexican Wedding Cakes – Powdered Sugar and Spice – Always Nice


Rescued from the depths of a past blog post and recreated today in my kitchen with a TWIST – cardamom and pistachio…  Inspiration – a dear friends 20th Anniversary Party! [insert ethnicity] Wedding Cakes – a favorite of my theater buddy ASB, from the tried and true Joy of Cooking, among many classic cookbooks. About forty – sixty […]

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Eat the Cake You Have

Recently I attended the ACT Theater production of Grey Gardens with my dear friend, ASB. We have been attending the theater together for almost 8 years now (whoa!) and always aim to watch some classic Broadway, some new releases and a few more obscure. This year, obscure was Grey Gardens. It was a nice production, […]

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Hive Check and Powdered Sugar Treatments

Maybe a week or two late but I have completed my first post-package installation hive check. Before I get suited up and open the hives I run through out loud what my plan is while I am working in the hive. This helps me make sure that I have the equipment I might need, plan […]

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