Etiquette Roulette

A few weeks ago on a Goodwill treasure hunt, I scored two gems – 1982 Miss Manners and 1952 Amy Vanderbilt Book of Etiquette. a random flip of the pages revealed a good chuckle, another a sigh of relief that some such graces have been relaxed and a small gag when I witnessed the anti-etiquette going on around me. Seriously people.

I will at random and provoked times share some life lessons.

Salt ( unprovoked but funny, who hasn’t experienced #3 both giving and receiving)
I happen to have a sizable collection of salt and pepper shakers, from Kwanza Claus, Dog and Hydrant, Pickle and beyond. My collection began after a seeming innocent comment about how excited my Grandparents got over a gift of salt and pepper shakers and may I never …. The rest is history. And so a new collection of posts begins.

Once you know where and how to pass. Here is how to dispense it onto your food. Amy appears to be silent on the issue of my favorite “salt & peeper” shaker.


Stay tuned for more on my expansive salt shaker collection

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