Ready or Not – Tis the Season

I am now in the Christmas Spirit! I recently attended a pharmacy conference at Great Wolf Lodge. If you have not been to Great Wolf, it is definitely a hydrophillic family mecca. Without kids not as much fun and almost a little frightening.  However, due to powers greater than WSPA, our conference was at the same time as the NORPAC Santa Convention. At first I just thought it was odd to see several men with beards, red pants and more Christmas flare than appropriate for the first weekend in November. However, after stealthy walking by their meeting room it became clear that this was organized Clausing (Mr. and Mrs.). What does Santa need a conference for? Well, I tried to chat up several in the elevators and basically, they are there to train with Santa, (the real one was on site), learn about new holiday fashions, do some jazzercise or spirit songs, have round table discussions and the finale – a parade in the hotel and swimsuit photo shoot.  They certainly looked to be having more fun than a bunch of pharmacists (you can see the difference I think) and it was intriguing to see everyday Santa wear and that their buffet had corn dogs (ours had salad and pasta).   Anyhoo, it gave me a chance to think about some great Santa memories from my life and more to come.  (Thank you Mr. Bishop for standing in and scaring the bejesus out of me (just a few years ago)).  I don’t think Santa’s are creepy and he still visits my parent’s home,  (so, we have to visit – he might not find me in Seattle). While his stocking stuffers are normally full of surprises of the good kind, he did hit a low point a few years ago with a giant bottle of lame store brand bubble bath. I am guessing now that I understand the role of Norpac that perhaps the Santa covering that territory (due to inclimate weather?) was not part of a professional society engaged in keeping their professional vital, relevant and moving forward (hmmm). Did you also know you can earn a Masters in Santaclausology?  During one of my stealth missions, I did manage to snap a photo (while appearing to be texting) in the lobby of lounging Santa’s and blur of someone’s wild child. About sums it up – except the warm fuzzy and holiday cheer that I left with (and some CE hours).

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