The cure for a common Super Bowl…

Don’t get me wrong… I have been known to be a tad competitive. Not at sports though – I had to have special after school T-ball instruction in middle school, learned to skip AFTER my little brother and self-selected to be the girls basketball team manager in high school (read: chief hair braider, statistician and water girl).  Boom! Lettered in it!

Know what else is competitive: Football and Pinterest.  How many times have you felt like, oh my, I am such a slacker I should totally be painting my staples to match my stationary and doing up my nails to depict the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? You are lying if it hasn’t happened at least once. Well, to minimize the amount of time I had to watch Super Bowl pontification, I set down to getting crafty, cooky and domesticky. Someone cue up Chariots of Fire!

Hubby asked for brownies last night when at the grocery store when paused near a display of brownie mix. I can’t turn him down, as he asks for little but I was NOT about to use just a mix on this special 3rd of February. Enter – Pinterest search for Brownies –> Glorious Treats. Voila! Random acts of chocolate.

brownie collageNext – must continue to one up myself in MIL’s eyes. She brags of my Caucasian ways to her Asian peers. “Oh no, those white girls are not lazy!  Let me count the ways … my DIL makes her own…… ” (loosely interpreted via hubby). I am also whipping up some red tissue poms for her in honor of Chinese New Year.  Bonus points!

Pate – comppate1liments of the article on the lowly anchovy.  I made it my own by using truffle salt and sherry (instead of maderia). Topped off with lavender pepper. When they say meat smoothie, they mean it but it is tasty.  Just needing some crusty bread now. Spread that on your bahn mi!

Miso Cod – set about-a-marinatin’ for Tuesday night’s dinner. They wanted at LEAST 24 hours in the miso, mirin and sugar bath. Bound to be a winner! Thank you Leite’s Culinaria

Football food for hubby – spicy sweet molasses meatballs! No photo as they were all gone before I could snag a shot.

Yogurt – third batch now (see previous post on promoting culture). I have it down now. I use 2% milk and whatever yogurt is still left over. Made a special batch for MIL (see above about pate)

asparagus collageCooked a Pinterest inspired dinner:  Fried Egg Asparagus Gruyere on puff pastry. Added a sunny side up egg and bacon, because EVERYTHING is better with bacon (and hubby might’ve wined)

Prep for Monday dinner – Jamie Oliver’s Pappardelle with braised beef. Crock it up! Again, thank you Leite’s.

Post vintage crocdoily collage 2het bedspread and doilies for a friend to etsy. Still a little more to go here. Made by his mother, these are fine specimens of patience and attention to detail. Also, posted ready-made bow ties to etsy store.

puppy bowlWatch the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl featuring Kitty Half-Time show.  Seriously funny, cripplingly cute – I’m talking hedgehog cheerleader cute — and if you can rescue a pet or support on you SHOULD!  Read the bios if you missed the show and don’t miss the hamsters, pigs and birds. My fave: Montana.

Other things, like laundry, walking the dog, washing a ton of dishes (result from above), shopping online for fabric, buying books on Amazon, Pinning pins about Pinterest etc.

All in all – I’d call it a win. AND I never lost any power! Someone cue up some Queen for my victory lap.

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