Reach & Read: Half Broke Horses

Half Broke Horses – Jeanette Walls

Half-Broke-Horses-A-True-Life-NovelWalls delivers many answers to disbeliefs conjured up during the unbelievable but true story line in The Glass Castle.  How can Jeannette be so resilient? Under what circumstances did her parents meet?  I always love a back story and this is no exception. Definitely more action packed than the Little House series (although Laura will forEVER have a special place in my heart and I long to be a Bonnet Head).  You can see the scenes unfolding: driving an automobile, flooding gully, red silk shirt and one-room school house.  I loved living life through Lily’s eyes.  Do note: I definitely recommended reading this AFTER The Glass Castle, and enjoy the original ride without a road map. Not that I have experience with the opposite order….. just take my word. Take heed, nibbling on the chocolate first will skew the wine experience. Never let the chocolate be sweeter than the wine and bitter(sweet) is better with Beaujolais. (who doesn’t love an alliteration).

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