A Sense of Place in the Web of Life

Today I am blogging from a guest location – Coronado, CA. The setting is great as we are right out on a peninsula with ocean on either side. While I live on the west coast with Puget Sound in my view at all times, I really love the “real” open ocean -sounds, smells, sights and how reliable it is…

For the last few weeks I have been continuing almost daily walks in my neighborhood sometimes with a singular focus (see my recent post on Mossy Walks), a camera and usually with my dog. These strolls serve the purpose of exercise for the body and time to think or more importantly NOT think. They are also a time where I am just being a part of life, which after all is Today, I had neither dog, nor camera nor singular focus – just an iphone and general directions from the concierge. With that (and my Fitbit) headed outside to breathe deep and stretch my legs before a daylong work conference. I thought I might discover something, after all I could have just jumped on the treadmill, but didn’t set any goals or expectations, rather just do it and be content with whatever. I should have known that I would have stumbled upon random, funny, pretty and thought provoking stuff….

Humor All Around – The Random and Funny

Apparently Coronado in addition to Shamu, Navy Seals, Navy Dolphins (trained for underwater mine location), it is a Rabbit Mecca. At the first rabbit (and I thought only) spotting, I was so excited at this seeming rare event Whoa, was I wrong. There are rabbits every. where. – notable for those with white fluffy tails and those with long legs and periscope ears (hares or jack rabbits). With all the copious rabbits sitting around being cute prey (and an innate sense of when to dart to avoid photos by moi, the bunny paparazzi), they were hard to get good pictures. I suggest the site The World is Raw’s post on these Coronado Hares for good close ups and more information about their role in the area’s history. I did however, observe a rabbit fight, over what I presuming was over a girl bunny. Funny stuff-they make a snorty hissy sound. Lastly, with an open mind, it tends to wander. Where did mine go? Straight to the Navy. I am imagining that these rabbits must have lasers attached to them or other spy technology, like night vision or recording devices. All of this designed to keep our coasts safe from pirates and alert the guards with guns of when I get to close the Navy property line…..

I had pet rabbits growing up (RIP Petunia, Peanut et al) and am trying to figure out how to incorporate with peace, harmony and more manure, a rabbit into our chicken coop. A quick google reveals, I need to google a little more. Updates will be provided as appropriate Anyone have experience with this?

The Thought Provoking:

Web of Life

Not much narrative needed here. I am finding my web of life to be more and more of a paradise, with occasional thunderstorm, the more time I spend living it.

Sense of Place

“Like migrating birds, we stop here to [rest?, rusty spot, maybe bullet hole J]. As creators of this habitat, how can our continued involvement protect and restores the remaining coastal open spaces?” My translation and application of this State Park sign: “As creators of this life today, how can our continued engagement fullfill and restore the remaining open spaces our mind?”

How do you ensure there are open spaces in your mind each day for life?

The Pretty

Keeping it classy in Coronado!

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