Reach & Read: The Giant’s House

The Giant’s House – By Elizabeth McCracken

Love stories are one of those things that span the decades: a librarian and patron, are no exception, although this pairing may be a bit taboo at first blush. The story could take place in Anytown, US but my imagined it in my hometown. We have a lovely old library that I frequented a child: the wood of the card catalog, the rounded corners of the checkout cards, children’s book room, musty archives in the basement and the tall long curved librarian desk. While our librarian was married to the high school chemistry teacher, I couldn’t help but project this story upon her. My memory, however, is not exosomatic as it was for Peggy, rather one more of smells and impressions. Ms. McCracken writes of seeking to understand but also being afraid to learn. She illustrates that love and romance can be expressed in many ways and the physical may be the least demonstrative. There are numerous strings of beautiful words, the irony of magic tricks and cruelty of the inquiring public mind. The majority of the book flows smooth and soft, like the loops side of Velcro, the conclusion is different, not gripping, but a bit prickly, more like the hook side. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the complete story of unrequited love, realization that writing yourself off can always be erased.

Favorite quote from the book :
” …you can’t spend your life hoping that people will ask you the right questions. You must learn to love and answer the questions they already ask. Otherwise, you’re dreaming of visiting Venice by driving to Boise, Idaho” [p.95]

Best new word:
– what is desired and required

Love Poem for a Librarian

Although her love for me is infinitesimal

Her eyes are as Dewey as any old decimal

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