How to load the dishwasher & thoughts on potty training from a non-mom

Flying on airplanes, apparently like staying at a Holiday Inn Express, makes you smart…… On a recent Southwest flight, I was perusing their April inflight magazine, Spirit, and stumbled across a catchy statistic.

Did you know that 41% of couples squabble over how to load the dishwasher?

Why no, I didn’t know that.

But I can recall a few deep-breath-required moments whilst receiving “constructive feedback” about the dishwasher from my husband…..whose mother doesn’t even use the dishwasher for its engineered purpose. It rather serves as a “convenient” and efficient storage center for plastic containers and utensils of all sorts. You can see how it COULD help to organize that storage container drawer BUT increase dish duty load ….. Found out this Asian Mom fact when we were dating and I was dutifully helping to clean up after dinner with my sights set on loading the dishes up and hand washing the few things remaining. Surprise! Not in service. This has been confirmed in an unscientific poll of others in Asian-Caucasian relationships, correlating closely with using the oven primarily for storing pots and pans, and the occasional roast or bake. Moral – don’t blindly preheat an oven that is not yours. But I digress – The Spirit article proceeds to elaborate that women prefer separating items, while male counterparts prefer the pile up technique. Apparently an outlier this time, I tend to be more of a Dishwasher Jenga player than Dear Hubby, perhaps out of a false sense of confidence or superiority given my 30+ years with real-world applicable dishwasher loading and using experience … Either way, not worth sleeping on the sofa over.

So what IS the best way to load a dishwasher (other than the obvious- how ever I just happened to load it when you wander over to give input… .or without being told 5 times)? A quick internet search returns 4.4 million hits on “how best to load a dishwasher”. Not finding a peer reviewed, placebo controlled trial, I went to Real Simple for their top tricks.

Dishwasher Loading Tricks from Real Simple (and my running commentary)

  • Glasses should go on the top rack between the tines, not over them, so they don’t rattle or come out with tine marks.
    • Duh. Unless the top is all full and the bottom isn’t and you really need to run that puppy!
  • Plates get cleanest when they face the center rather than all in one direction.
    • Check. My favorite dish to load.
  • Bowls go on the top rack. Those in the rear should face for-ward; those in front should face the back, so water can get in.
    • Opportunity! Hadn’t thought about rear and about facing bowls.
  • Butter knives are safest (for loader and emptier) blade-side down.
    • They are still just butter knifes… I would be more worried about fork tines..
  • Spoons and forks should be varied (some placed business-end up, some down) to keep them from nesting
    • Downside is that when you unload, some will get their business end manhandled before being securely stowed. Germ boost!
  • Cookie sheets and platters go along the outer edges of the bottom rack, so they don’t block water and detergent from other pieces.
    • Alternatively, line your baking sheets with foil and then just toss the foil. Secondly, I don’t think you are supposed to wash those airbake type sheets.
  • Long-handled utensils that are too tall for the silverware basket can lay horizontally across the top rack. Put serving spoons facedown so they don’t collect water.
    • Same goes for chopsticks. We have plenty of these but no specially designated chopstick holder – probably because there isn’t a big market for this attachment in Asian (given blatant disregard for the appliances cleaning potential)
  • Casseroles, serving bowls, and large pots should be placed on the bottom rack at a slight angle, rather than upside down, so they don’t block the flow of water.
    • Always a great “filler” to get those dishes cleaned already and way to avoid super smelly dishwasher
  • Plastic containers belong on the top rack. Plastics marked “7” or “PC,” like some flimsy takeout containers, can’t be used for food after going through a dishwasher. They contain the chemical BPA, which may leach out when heated.
    • You can also just learn the hard way by washing and watching them melt and warp. I will have to pay attention to those numbers though

Potty training tips from a non-mom

Basically, if everyone just employed the methods illustrated in the world renowned publication Sky Mall, there wouldn’t be toddlers out there running around on newspaper. Three step Litter Kwitter: Red – training to bathroom location, Amber – training to experience of soiling in water and Green – master balancing skills. Don’t believe me! You Tube has 9,500 videos showing real life cats in action, viewers are spared nothing….. I see no reason why this wouldn’t work like a charm with kids…. I wonder what Grumpy Cat thinks of this…

How do you load the dishwasher? Are you part of the 60% of couples living in dishwasher bliss? I would also love to hear and see some of your favorite Sky Mall gems….

One thought on “How to load the dishwasher & thoughts on potty training from a non-mom

  1. I have a rather small dishwasher which came with the kitchen, so I don’t feel like I have much choice on how to load it! I guess this saves us a lot of trouble as we can’t possibly argue on something that can be done in only one way! 🙂

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