Reach & Read: The Sweet Life in Paris

The Sweet Life in Paris – David Lebovitz

There is a theme of late with books I am selecting: food. Not all have yet been posted but I am finding a strange attraction to audiobooks about food being read to me. Who would have thought listening to recipes and gory food details would be so fun and conducive to the audiobook world.

This is a must read for anyone bound for Paris. I have only visited once thus far and found David’s observations true and some of the items would have been good to know a little in advance, you know, to practice. J It reads like a novel but is full of factual, first person observations. To tickle my professional fancy, he even provides an astute assessment of the French health care system.

Perhaps turning this into the book that never ends…. the author maintains a great blog about his Sweet Life in Paris over at He keeps it current and fresh with great writing and recipes. Mr. Lebovitz also provides information on some of his favorite haunts in Paris, many mentioned in the book. Again, would have loved to have read this before visiting. We did have a fantastic trip and were able to join up with some friends, dine at quintessential Parisian cafes, the Cristal Room at the Baccarat Museum, a divine Moroccan eatery and, make the mistake of stopping at Starbucks on our first morning. J Oops, what can we say? We hail from Seattle and needed a guaranteed fix.

Recipe I intend to try: Shallot and Beer Marmalade

Listening closely reveals the oft heard advice of following your dreams, taking risks and finding happiness and success.

Lisez et appréciez le livre!

Pictures of our Paris Adventure – unedited, definitely raw, but captures the moments

Ladies room at the Cristal Room – Baccarat [dizzying to say the least]

Awesome Chair/Log repurpose at Baccarat that I desire for my yard

Not everything is classy and chic in Paris – Tooting cat

Take a lock with you when you and your sweetie visit!

Only in the ladies room atop the Eiffel. The long term plan is to quilt this…..

Looking up from Eiffel – just so you know I saw more than the loo.

First meal – looking quite spry (but jet lag is creeping in)

Need some  (Ed Ruscha, Industrial Strength Sleep, 1989 Pompidou)

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