Palate Poll: Do you salt your melons?

I like my melons salted… err, I like salt sprinkled on my fresh cut melon. How do you take your melons? Take the poll below.

Salt Campers:

  • Makes the flavor more intense with the salty-sweet contrast
  • Increased salivation to awaken taste buds and increase juicy factor
  • Allows a humble melon to aid in goiter prevention (ok, actually don’t use iodized if possible, negating the goiter benefit)
  • Not all melons need to be salted but can (taloupe!)
  • Still need to know the time and a place
  • Every region claims it as uniquely theirs, making it everyone’s (American South, California, Hawaii, Northeast, Armenia, Asia, Africa…)
  • Tempers acidity somewhat (think pineapple in particular, yeah I know its not a melon)

Salt Skeptics:

  • It’s all in your head
  • Technique limits its usefulness and application (even, light sprinkle please)
  • I prefer watermelon with feta or cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto (a ha! Salty…. See…)
  • Country folk-lore
  • Melons are not the same as caramels
  • Tastes like the retched bitter melon soup (ok, my opinion on the soup, designed to cure what ails, but basically the mere thought of having to consume makes you instantly feel better, no longer in need of remedy)
  • Not until the National Watermelon Board recognizes it
  • The closest I will get to salting my fruit is the rim of the margarita glass

Share your thoughts and declare a side!

2 thoughts on “Palate Poll: Do you salt your melons?

  1. My dad taught me the bad habit of salting watermelon. Although I don’t salt it much anymore, I still wish for the salt shaker every time I eat watermelon! I never thought of it with other melon, I might need to try that now. Er, thanks!

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