You can teach an old dog new tricks BUT can you unteach them?

You can teach an old dog new tricks BUT can you unteach them? Granted I am not an old dog, but I did for the very first time this week edit and upload a video to YouTube. We also discovered our darling Mr. Mason, learned how to open our bedroom door and burrow all the live long day on our bed. (So, it wasn’t the MIL leaving/opening our bedroom door everyday……) Martin Scorsese doesn’t need to worry any time soon but we had a grand time rigging up the laptop to catch him in the act.  Only took us a warm spot on the bed, no visit by MIL that day, 6 hours of door knob footage and a folding chair.

The star of this movie short, Mason aka Mr. Peebody Barky McPhearson had a few words to share – “I learned how to jimmy those door knobs during my days on the streets, brief stint in the circus and in the California slammers.”

Knowing we wouldn’t be home to reprimand in the moment, we placed the vacuum in front of the door as a remedy this trick. He is afraid of the vacuum when it is on and off, so seem perfect – right height, stored in the laundry room right by door, fear factor.

Well – it worked …. for one day! He managed to get in on Day 2 but apparently couldn’t get out. BUSTED but back to the drawing board!vaccumm2Don’t worry – I won’t be going off the deep end with pet videos but we do love our Mr. Mason. He is a one of kind one-eyed dog that we were lucky enough to rescue from the great organization People United for Pets (PUP) located in the Seattle area. check them out and make your next pet a rescue.

mason mug

Any ideas to break this habit? Can your dog open a door?

Want to learn more about PUP? Here you go!

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