Honey Toast Treasure Box

Who wouldn’t want one of those!! Wait. What is that? I am still not sure (they weren’t available) but was so drawn to the gelatinous refined flour and sugar menu of Hard Wok Café that I must share these consumptions. I won’t say I didn’t like it but it really isn’t a place for a meal nor substantial vegetables. Hard Wok is located on the corner of 12th and Jackson, which in and of itself it enough excitement, you don’t need a toast treasure box. The food is Taiwanese happy hour style and features a lot of white flour, sweetened condensed milk (SCM), ketchup impersonators, a pink sauce and uninformative menu translations (cylinder shaped sticky rice). The menu is weighted primarily towards “sweets” (insert my Asian dessert rant) and bubble tea like drinks, to sit and sip the hours away.

What did we dine upon? Crispy golden roll serve with condense milk (fried white bread with sweetened condensed milk dipping sauce), oyster pancake (mystery pink goo, egg, spinach), pickled cabbage, cylinder shape sticky rice (with ketchup-ish sauce), steam mini bun (dumplings, like din tai fung) and spiced meat sauce over rice (pork, not spicy).

So in the spirit of learning from everything around me – I think I will try an at home version of the oyster pancake using the Vietnamese Bahn Xao mix as it has potential, attempt to carve the masterpiece honey toast box (watch out wonder bread!) and try my hand at homemade ketchup. My MIL makes a tasty pork and rice dish so I am good there but I don’t think I can stomach straight up dipping in SCM.

Give the Hard Wok a try, just go for the nibbles, Asian tabloids and good company (BYO).

呼! (cheers… I think)

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