Lifeboat Re-Blog: Friend in Training

Why share on my blog? Fight Inertia! Realizing the importance of relationships and that like everything else in life, you reap what you sow. This will also ensure a high level of accountability and internalization as I incorporate it into Odds & Hens. Not sharing because I am good at it, sharing because you deserve it.

What is Lifeboat? And I quote…. “Lifeboat is a movement of people rediscovering great friendships. We’re not a social network or app […] We’re about simple things that work […]for a better path forward.”

  • Get started: CHECKLIST, figuring out who would be in that floating boat
  • Goodies (like a video, manifesto)

Today: Runner’s guide to getting great at friendship

My summary: Think about how the hardest part of working out in the morning is getting your keister out of bed and to the gym. Oft summed up as showing up is the hardest part. True that. But once you do, you are always glad you did.

Lifeboat takes it to the next level and tosses out there the need to TRAIN for friends.

  • Initiate activities vs. wait
  • Tell them they are important, kind and smart
  • It isn’t going to be easy – see NY Times article The Brain on Love

So what should we do off the Checklist this week?

  • Show up: Do something last minute with a Lifeboat friend this week.
  • Initiate an activity with a Lifeboat friend this week.
  • Ask a friend for something this week (no not a cup of sugar):
    • Need some advice on how to handle a tough discussion with your boss? Talk to a friend.
    • Want some new inspiration in your life? Ask a friend to do some new activity with you.
    • Struggling with your partner? Ask a friend for advice.
  • Give one additional percent of your time to close friends each week- 1% of “waking” time each week equals about 1 hour and 30 minutes. What can you do differently to make a little more room for friends?
  • Trust: Be mindful of how small actions (both yours and others) influence your relationships

Some other great Lifeboat posts to checkout:

Starting from Zero

Friends at Work (oh, this is such a spot on article!!!)

The Gratitude Effect (on of my favorite characteristics)

I really hope you take a minute to comment on what you think about this Lifeboat concept and a few more to poke around their site. This one really sticks with me but has taken me some time to move on it.

Note: all of today’s images are from the Lifeboat site. They choose such great ones!

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