Honey Merit Badger: My Farmgirl Sisterhood Journey

That’s right. It happened. I just combined Honey Badger with Merit Badge. Why? Well, basically the meme makes me laugh and comes in handy when the going gets tough and I need my big girl pants. I also keep bees, wash my face with the versatile tonic – honey (blog post soon), loved my time as a Girl Scout, and am infatuated with the Mary Jane Farmgirl Sisterhood. Still thinking, honey badger? Here is a website collating all thing HB. [note: adult language]. And BTW, I do care, about a lot of stuff, but sometimes you need to let things go… and be fearless.

One of the many benefits of the Sisterhood is the ability to learn new skills and share with others, though the Merit Badge process. Much like I remember Girl Scouts…. I have been putting off getting this journey started and the end of 2013 is nearing, so time to get on it. There are seven sections with a total of ninety-nine tasks, each with three levels of achievement (7 x 99 x 3). In other words, two-thousand seventy nine bits of awesome necessitating a spreadsheet! (yes, I did that too.)

In reviewing the list, I have a pretty good start on a lot of the badges, so in honor of you all, my loyal readers, my first badge submission will be “Each Other – Blogging”.

How did I do? Here’s my submission. Now I wait…..

Beginner Level

  • Read Blogging for Bliss: Crafting Your Own Online Journal: A Guide for Crafters, Artists & Creatives of all Kinds by Tara Frey – Check!
  • Choose your topic. Pick something you are passionate about. Check! Ramblings and Creations : coop to craft. hive to home.

Intermediate Level

  • Start your blog. Find a blogging host that works for you, or host your own. Started Sunday September 9, 2012
  • Pick out a name, and publish your first post. Odds & Hens (after an exhaustive week of word play), next blog idea “Ravenous Me”….
  • Don’t forget to add your blog to MaryJanesFarm’s GirlGab.com. Done!

Expert Level

  • Learn how to add pictures and customize your blog. Complete, nearly every post! My most recent customization is the Book Review Library
  • Publish at least 10 posts along with photos. Now up to more than 170 posts and several photo galleries
  • Network! Create a blogging circle by visiting other blogs, writing comments, and leaving your blog’s address so they can visit you, also. Remember, building a blog and finding readers takes time. Be patient and have fun. Started but will never complete! I also attended a local blogger’s summer camp so I didn’t get so lost in the virtual nature of blogging.

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