Reach & Read: Just Kids

Just Kids by Patti Smith – a book review

In my follow up research after finishing this book, upon co-worker recommendation, I realize that I can in no way write the poetic review this book deserves. The NY Times did it, and did it well – so read it. I will say that reading Patti’s words and letting them flow brings a strange slightly blurry feeling over you. Her words pour and really bring you into the shared scenes of her life. Several times while reading Just Kids, I paused to think that this is really what living life to its fullest is all about, not all big moments, but people, transactions, music, creativity, love and challenge. Every time a landmark such as an age or key event was provided I felt flabbergasted, She was only 26!?! 33?! Patti is a great example of great risk yielding great reward, a characteristic I truly admire in others and need to express more in myself.

As always there seems to be a funny coincidence or connection…. The same co-worker who recommended this memoir also suggested Nancy Milford’s Zelda, which is referenced directly by Patti – “reading the story of Zelda Fitzgerald by Nancy Milford, I identified with her mutinous spirit.” These two books are written in completely different styles and my feeling were also quite different, while there is a feeling of sadness, Zelda was much more gloomy and restrained. Patti really comes into her own stride and thrives, despite great loss.

Favorite phrase: “mandala of my life”. I also love the poem about the little emerald bird (go figure!).

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