Reach & Read: City of Thieves

City of Thieves by David Benioff – a book review

Another World War II novel, this time upon recommendation for one my bookie co-workers. However, Benioff presents a perspective of the war from a Russian perspective, setting it apart from a few of the others I have recently consumed. Two things really made this book mesmerizing. One – the story centers on a life or death quest of two young men for a dozen eggs, for a “pardon”, in a time when people were eating book bindings and trying out cannibalism (there is a vivid scene!). Two – the book is set in Russian mentioning many familiar places, including Ukraine. It made for a unique reading experience to be so pulled into the story and effective imagery but then turn on the world news and see some images and updates frightening close to those depicted by Benioff. There are some seemingly humorous parts but this book is pretty intense, in its depiction of basic human functions, damage of war but also power of friendship. Highly recommend this book. You will grow quite fond of the two main characters: Lev (Jew) and Koyla (could be a Abercrombie model); rooting that they will find a dozen eggs, Lev will get a kiss from a girl and Koyla will publish his story.


Book’s Website for more info, but really, just read it:

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