Spelling Bee Time – 2014

Here we are one year status post my confession on misspelling (see May 2013 Spelling Bee Baggage). The question being did my confession improve my spelling? Maybe about 25%, it certainly causes me to pause every time I type or write those dastardly two words: necessary and definitely, but alas, I still throw in the wrong vowels and too many consonants. Can I use them in a sentence? Definitely is probably the greater offender this year… physician is a close second (that darn first i).

This year’s statistics look similar to 2013, including their “spellebrity” profiles. They are still loving Taylor Swift, Hunger Games but Mr. Potter has moved down to number two on the book list, making room for the Divergent Series. Perhaps Taylor Swift is still on the top of their list because they are busy doing other things. Amongst these prodigies is a rising music star (Zander Patent), competitive figure skater (Peyton Wiewel), several music virtuosos, Rubic cube wizard (Jae Canetti – 40 seconds!) and, perhaps my favorite, a TEDx speaker (Sriram J. Hathwar – check out his 8 minute video).

Last year’s winning word: KNAIDEL

  • Jewish dumpling, often served in soup often during Passover
  • Some Yiddish experts created a stir about the correct or “kosher” spelling
  • I will have to try making some knadel knawdle knaidel (can you hear Fiddler on the Roof?)

What spelling word has haunted you this past year?

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