Reach & Read: Saving the World

Book Review: Saving the World By Julia Alvarez

As promised by my co-worker, this is a beautiful story. What impressed me was how different of plot and approach this book was than her other book I have read, In the Time of Butterflies -still some ‘Latin flare’ but decidedly different. Julia weaves her two parallel story lines (love!) set hundreds of years apart to illustrate the innate need to belong and make a difference in the world around us. Learning about Balmis and his application of Jenner observations and the scientific method to spur the eradication of small pox was refreshing and always tickles that pharmacy geek in me. As always seems to be the case, there is some bee or chicken reference, Saving the World is no exception.

1880s: “I had scooped the honey from the hive, tasted its sweetness, but now the worrisome bees were after me. My mind was full of unease.” [p.65] Worrying is a family trait and this really describe that visceral feeling as you slowly build your mountain out of the proverbial molehole.

Modern day: “We belong to the people who love us.” [p.89] Alma lives this to the bitter end in her half of the book. Not much more can be said about this – now just ponder.

Consumed this book on vacation at our lakeside cabin. The adorbs bee flower pot features my nephews foot print. I could just eat him right up!

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